Apparat, who so nobley picked up where Funkstorung left off (once they decided that Germans should be doing more hip hop), shortly after 2000. Became the heir apparent to the role Funkstorung was playing previously, which was continuing the Autechre sound in a listenable way, and expanding upon the sound with some indie type elements. Nothing typifies this better than his Duplex album, with its mild usage of guitar and vocals here and there, but still staying true to the Autechrian roots of IDM. Not every track on here is a complete winner, but there are a lot of gems. See: Cerro Largo, Schallstrom, Steady Uprsing, etc. Very emotional stuff, and of course extremely technically well made. I had talked to him briefly about including the track Cerro Largo on a electronica/indie compilation thing I was working on for Merck a few years back, but it ultimately never came to fruition. I finally got to meet and see him live in September 2005 at Decibel Festival, and he was an extremely nice (and tall) fellow, standing around chatting with me until they were begging him to go on stage. He even apologized for the complete ripping dance set that he was about to drive the club wild with, because he knew it probably wasn’t down my alley. Nonetheless, I’ve had a few marzens this Oktober, listening to his wonderful creations.

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