The epitome of awesomely done dark ambient music. Passed my way by none other than Proem himself (A disturbingly dark dude to have twin daughters). I beleive the limited edition cd versions are sold out, and out of print from the label, I don’t even have copies myself, but try and support him as best you can, because his stuff is great. Kammarheit is none other than Pär Boström, of Sweden, possibly the darkest country on earth. They churn out so much death metal and dark ambient, they’re really tipping the balance. Off the bat this stuff reminds me of playing the PC game Defcon, its perfect for a nuclear holocaust, but it really is post apocalyptic music. This is the music that Biosphere would make if he was super depressed and thinking about suicide. Both albums tread on the same territory, but you can hear his progession on The Starwheel, as it has more sophistication and development. Well, now that i’ve talked about all of this, I feel like playing some more dark PC games. Can’t decide if i should go S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Bioshock. Hmmmmm.

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