Back in 2002 I organized a little show in New York City with my friends at Record Camp, Shadetek, and Sound Ink. The lineup for the September 1st show was Brothomstates, Machine Drum, Kristuit Salu (Jimmy Edgar), Team Shadetek, DJ Rupture, DJ Merck, and a bunch more people. The only person on that lineup who was on Warp at that point was Lassi. Looking back on it now, most of you probably would have wet your pants for that kinda lineup. Unfortunately, I don’t think we even got much more than 100 people. Nonetheless, I booked a little apartment in Chelsea for the week for Travis, Jimmy, Lassi and I to stay in. Needless to say, over that time there was some jamming. Some was recorded, some was not. Listening through those tapes a few years ago, me and Travis pulled out a little tidbit that we thought was kinda fun. Some of you may not be used to listening to ‘jam’ type material, so keep in mind its very different than polished releasable track type format. Its got no mastering to it, and obviously its created and mixed right at the moment without the ability to change things later. You kind of have to listen to the ideas in it, and then see how those could be formed into a cohesive track. But anyway, hopefully this will shed some light on what these guys do in the off time when they’re just playing with some gear amongst friends. Enjoy!

Download it here

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