Over the years I’ve amassed quite the collection of unreleased music. Much of it is of a quality to be released, but just never made it into the queue due to limitations on format or material. So I intend to pass along some of those tracks to you all through this weblog. The first track I want to debut is a collaboration between Travis “Wayne” Stewart(Machinedrum) and Aaron “Nick’ Munson(Vexion, 1/2 of Ilkae). It was slipped into the Merck Records Radio playlist a while back, so you may have heard it previously. But here I finally present it to you in decent VBR format. Keep in mind this track was made in 2002, if not earlier, and its never been properly mixed or mastered, it was just outputted from the original tracker file. Its called “Gabe Edit” because the original version that they did was a bit longer, but I clipped a few parts out a few years back that were a bit meandering, and this version has stood the test of time. You can hear obvious hints of Syndrone, Ilkae, and Machinedrum in the track, but overall its got a rather unique sound. Enjoy!

Download it here

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