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Seven Star is one of the most underrated MC’s out of Miami, and probably my favorite to emerge from the scene. Excellently done intelligent/concious hip-hop. This is a sampler from his first album that was released on Counterflow Records and extremely slept on. Its got production done entirely by DJs Induce & Manuvers, who you may know from other venues (Botanica Del Jibaro & Wondersound). Nonetheless, definitely a really nice mix to begin with, and a good sampling of what Seven Star has to offer. (It does gets a bit derailed a bit after half-way through, but the first 18:50 is gold)

Seven Star – My Mother And Father Were Astronauts Album Sampler Mix

A hiphop/downtempo mix I did for a 2xCDr mix set with some friends, around Xmas of 2006. A variety of stuff, some throwbacks, some instrumental, overwhelmingly jazzy….

DJ Merck – Xmas Mix 2006


Its never to early to start planning your Presidents Day party, so why not make it an Electroclash one? Here’s 15 tracks for it:

The Knife – Neverland : This goes out to my boys Aaron, Jon and Shawn, who wouldn’t shutup about them a few years back
Solvent – Science with Synthesizers : Just wicked well done electro
Zeta Reticula – EP2 A1 : Possibly one of the most badass electro 12″s ever
The Other People Place – Sorrow & A Cup Of Joe : Long live James Stinson
Adult – Silent Property : Electroclash, before it was cool
Datathief – Kaya (Hexidecimator Mix) : Manchester United in electro form
il.ek.tro – V-ger : Nice, dark and driving work by Finlow and Quayle
Voice Stealer – Evaluation – Another awesomely dark little piece by Finlow
Ms. Kitten & The Hacker – L’Homme Dans L’Ombre : Have to include one of their gems
Claro Intelecto – Section (Part 2) : I’m realizing now this list is a bit dark for a party
Mr. Velcro Fastener – Coywm : Holding down Scandinavia like no other
Japanese Telecom – Pagoda of Sin : Good interlude track for people to refresh their drinks
Decal – Riptide : First few mins are spastic, but damn it rips after that
Anthony Rother – Red Light District : Can’t leave em without some Rother
FPU – Crockett’s Theme (Tiga’s White Linen Instrumental) : Gotta give em some Jan Hammer (Miami Represent!)

These are not neccesarily in any order, i’ll leave it up to you all to figure the flow and vibe.

Heading back into the jazzy stuff…

DJ Merck – Spring 2006 Hiphop Mix 3


Heres a link to an interview I did in 2005 for a really well respected music/design/apparel store in Japan. One of their two stores used to be the exclusive outlet of The Designers Republic stuff in Japan (hot!). I’m pretty happy with how it came out.

Shop 33 Interview

The first mix was obviously jazzy themed and more upbeat, this one gets a bit darker and grimier.

DJ Merck – Spring 2006 Hiphop Mix 2


Got some late Xmas presents for you all. Over the next month I’ll be posting up links for you all to grab a bunch of my hiphop mixes from the last few years. Favorite tracks from my extensive collection. Ignore the mixing and focus on the selection. :)

DJ Merck – Spring 2006 Hiphop Mix 1