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Lovely little half hour of free music from Finland that I’ve been enjoying for the last year. A mini-lp by Northbound, entitled “Landscapes of Late”. Its a bit poppy, but it cleanses the palate nicely of everyone trying to be so experimental. Disclosure: one of the members of the group (Olli Jäderholm) is the brother of Fthr, one of my main Merck Designers. Its hard to classify it in an exact category, but its got hints of jazz, indie rock, pop, and electronica. Its also pleasantly instrumental (I listen to people talk all day, why do I want to hear it in my music?). To speak in terms of groups from Merck, or mentioned on this blog, its like Tstewart, Lateduster, Pivot, Landau Orchestra, plus pop sensibility, put into a blender. Though honestly that doesn’t really capture it. Its free, so just go listen to it, so I can stop trying to describe what is ultimately undescribable (music).

You can grab the album here

This is a nifty little gem I found by accident one day. Its a 45 minute “beatmix” that Aesop made for exclusive sale on Itunes, sponsored by none other than Nike. It is intended to be listened to when exercising, and the structure is oriented as such (warmup, cooldown, etc.). Its quite good, all the production is done by Aesop himself, and then he scatters random snippits of vocals throughout the mix, nothing overpowering though. I played this thing into the ground obviously, which is odd, because I haven’t liked much of any of his stuff from the last few albums (though the most recent album had a few gems).

Sorry I’ve been taking so long on the posts recently. I’ve been rather busy. As I expected, I got pulled back into putting out some music, though it was somewhat to keep a promise I made to one of my artists. (Not that the music is not worth it, I’m just trying to actually ‘quit’). So you all will be happy to hear that on top of re-issuing the out of print Arctic Hospital – Citystream CD on Narita, we will also be releasing the label’s third CD release next month entitled “Melt”, by Ilar & Hedvall (Anders Ilar & Fredrik Hedvall). A bit of info about the disc (see: press release). This time my buddy Anders is teaming up with sometimes collaborator Fredrik Hedvall, to present some thick dark techno from the depths of Sweden. They both originate from the same part of the country, the old mining districts. They grew up in neighboring cities and both started toying around with synthesizers and electronic gadgets about the same time in the late 1980’s. Though they have never met in real life, their friendship started on the Internet. They began working together on music in 2006 and first released a 12″ on the Italian label Defrag, and then a second appearance on Soniculture out of Portugal, this will be their third collaboration release.

This disc celebrates their common love for the deep Basic Channel sound, as well as Cologne influences. People familiar with the vein that Ander’s previous Narita material runs in, will definitely find this disc enjoyable. It hovers around the wickedly dark and complex electronics that he is known for, but it is no stranger to the dance floor. The CD also closes out with 2 remixes from labelmate Arctic Hospital. One the vicious beat workout he is known for, the second being an excellently dense ambient number to close out the disc.

There are soundclips up now on the Narita Website, the disc should be available in the second week of April, though it will be pretty much only available exclusively to Japan, and in the newly revamped Merck Mailorder (coming in April).


Here is the final installment in the ambient square series. Its a kind of blend of the styles from the previous mixes. With a final track that most of you will hopefully recognize (from one of my favorite movies of all time (and from an awesome soundtrack)). Hope you all enjoyed the mixes, and continue to enjoy them in the background of a productive workday, or as a final bit of music to help you drift off to sleep. Thanks for all the nice comments!

Here it is.



A while back, along with my buddy Proem, I was on a bit of a dark ambient binge. Around the same time, along with my buddy Twerk, I was on a bit of a dub techno binge. Fortunately at that time I found the perfect pairing of the two in a fellow from Dortmund, Germany known as “krill.minima”. Some of you may know him better as Marsen Jules (from CCO). He’s been nice enough to release a majority of his music so far as free downloads on Miasmah and Thinner (see below). He also has a lovely little CD album on San Francisco’s Native State Records called “Nautica”. That CD and the release “Urlaub Auf Balkonien” are what you should check out first. If you’re a fan of either of those 2 genres above, I think you’ll really dig it.

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