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As promised here are some more mixes from the excellent DJ Alex Sins. Local Merck DJ, music fan, and partner in crime. These mixes are older, but hey, thats when a lot of good music came out. :) He has some of the best selection in electro tracks that I’ve ever heard.

DJ Alex Sins – Detached Electro Mix

DJ Alex Sins – Fraktionz IDM Mix

DJ Alex Sins – Womb Electro Mix

DJ Alex Sins – Womb IDM Mix

He also did a lovely mix of a variety of styles for Percussionlab, which you can download here: DJ Alex Sins – Percussionlab Mix. He also had posted about it recently on his blog, which is always a good read.


Here are the two mixes that used to be available on the Artist page on Both from 2002, so they sound rather dated (and limited in catalog usage), but you asked for it, so here they are. But I don’t recommend these for anyone who is not nostalgic about the IDM sound from earlier in the decade. :)

Also gonna throw in another mix from 2002 by DJ Synertia of IDM stuff, has some Merck material in it, and sounds pretty dated too. :) I’ll have to do a separate post in the future of some more mixes from Alex Sins as hes got superb selection as a DJ (and actual skills at beatmatching, unlike me).

DJ Alex Sins – Merck Mix 2002

DJ Synertia – Merck Mix 2002

DJ Synertia – IDM Mix 2002

Here is a list of 10 techno CDs that I find thoroughly listenable all (or almost all) the way through. (See: High Quality Techno) (in no particular order)

1. Signer – Low Light Dreams (Involve) – The best music to ever come out of New Zealand, and one of the best chill melodic dubby techno albums ever.

2. Scion – Arrange And Process Basic Channel Tracks (Tresor) – Definitely the greatest upbeat dub-techno mix on earth.

3. Arctic Hospital – Citystream (Narita) – I hate to be self promotional, so I restricted myself to only one Narita album, but i’ll go with the first one, it still really knocks my socks. (though all the music I release is my favorite music, thats why I release it).

4. Polmo Polpo – The Science of Breath (Substractif) – A great album from Toronto’s Sandro Perri, although its 8 tracks and 46 minutes long, there is only about 4 techno tracks on this album. But thats all you really need when you have a track like Acqua. I would classify it as moshing techno, turn that shit up loud and beat your friends.

5. Farben – Textstar (Klang) – Minimal glitch jazz loop techno. Such smooth & magic stuff, and from a very influential dude.

6. Twerk – Living Vicariously Through Burnt Bread (Mille Plateaux)- Such a perfect blend of ambient and techno works, I think Twerk stepped out of the techno game on just the right note. (One of the tracks has my voice in it too!)

7. Monolake – Gravity (Imbalance Computer Music) – Henke is such a techno beast, I had to include him in here, and I think this is probably the pinnacle of his work that I enjoy. So smooth and clean and tech, not an awkward moment on the album (unlike some of his other ones). Great highway driving music.

8. Tinkertoy – Transatlantic Love Machine (Noise Factory) – More Toronto techno, upbeat cinematic melodic techno. Really well done and unique sounding, I can see a lot of Merck fans being into their stuff.

9. Burger / Ink – Las Vegas (Harvest/Matador) – Such a great album, even my dad loves this one! The meeting of two great techno minds.

10. Rhythm & Sound – Rhythm & Sound (Rhythm & Sound) – Definitely the most experimental release I will venture as far as to say is techno for this list, still magnificent stuff. Mark & Moritz are the true kings of the genre.