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Wanted to share some links and updates with you all.

1. We should have some new Merck logo shirts popping up in the merck mailorder in the next week or two.

2. Aaron of Ilkae has a new self-released cd out that hes selling direct, grab it here.

3. Arctic Hospital from Narita just released his sophmore album this summer entitled Neon Veils, on a new label in Japan called Lantern. info here. You may also want to grab Citystream if you haven’t already, as the repress is almost sold out, and there most likely won’t be anymore copies made.

4. I have a discogs account where I’m selling off some rare merck test presses, dub plates, and general stuff from my collection, check it here.

5. Proem is finally getting his webstore going soon, as well as working on a limited edition book filled with drawings of his, as well as the stories behind all of his tracknames, should be great. more info here soon hopefully.

6. Blamstrains new label Erotus is starting to get up and running, he has releases cooking and a promo mix on their website here.

7. 40winks released a new album this spring in Europe called The Lucid Effect. available from

Here are some electro mixes by my awesome friend Chris / DJ a05 / DJ MTA aka Mass Transit Records. He now lives in Shanghai, China as a 5 star chef and food reviewer (seriously), but he still manages to DJ over there. I’m trying to get over there to checkout whatever hes spinning at the moment, cause it will be big in a few years.

I met him on the IDM list in 1998, started hanging out with him soon after at our local weekly, Beatcamp (listening to DJ Aura, who will be mentioned in my next post). He started spinning electro and really took it to heart, finding and collecting some of the best and rarest stuff, and making cassette mixes for me that I would play constantly. Here are a few of them ripped from the cassettes, most of them done 1999-2001.

He started a small electro label in 2000 around the same time as Merck, and released some good underground stuff. Kept it going for a few years until he stopped in 2003. Of course about a week after he quit his label, and stopped DJing electro all together, Electroclash blew up huge and was leaking from every orifice of the music industry. But he was already on to the next thing.

DJ a05 – Dark Electro Mix 1999
One of my favorite mixes of his, tons of Rother and Finlow….. thats all a good electro mix really needs.

DJ a05 – Electro Mix
Starts off IDMey, then goes down into deep electro.

DJ a05 – IDM-Electro Mix 2000
Another one that starts off IDMey, then goes down into deep electro. Has a few lock grooves on it, and a great mix of DJ Assault and While.

DJ a05 – Live on WVUM Part 1
DJ a05 – Live on WVUM Part 2
A variety of electro and IDM stuff, heavy on the Richie Devine. Recorded live of him DJing on the University of Miami radio station in 2000, promoting one of the original Infiltrate shows.

DJ MTA – Music For Fashionable People
Heres the final mix of electro I have from him, aptly entitled Music for Fashionable People, as he saw the trend that was emerging at the time.