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Another Techno track list, possibly tracks for your consideration for your deep, dark, sweaty Labor Day techno party. (In no particular order)

Mathew Jonson – 7.19 FM David – This guy is pretty hit and miss, but when he hits, it is f-ing deadly.

Claro Intelecto – Nobody – Nice combination of a variety of styles into a grinding little ditty.

Rhythm & Sound – Roll Off /S – I never get sick of this (or the beatless version). Mind blowing.

Unit 21 – October, 16th – Don’t know much about this guy, but the track is a perfect combo of grit and melody (and is free on Thinner).

Anders Ilar – Made For Us To Love – Its really hard to limit myself to just two Anders track, but this jam on Level has a real nice flow.

Rod Modell – Luminescent – The face of dub-techno in the post Moritz era, another gem on Echocord.

Ridis – Triangle – This whole 12″ on Chain Reaction is a slept on dub-techno gem.

Psyche – How The West Was Won – Classic Carl Craig alias from his brief appearance on A.R.T.

Jan Jelinek – Tendency – Lovely little deep track on ~scape, showing what Jan does best.

Atlajala – Skinny As An X-Ray – Some dark dubby stuff from a Stewart Walker alias on Beta Bodega.

Anders Ilar – Hillside – Another one from his Sworn album, lovely little subtle melody.

Wolfgang Voigt – Vision 04 – This track is a guilty pleasure, cheesy, but so well done and great energy.

Daft Punk – Musique – Since we got that Voigt track, might as well go with another great cheesy jam from the francs.

Modernist – Data Girl – Gotta end on a fun little one.

PS. I gotta stop giving out these lists, i’m gonna kill the demand for people to see me DJ live.

Gas Prices

I didn’t plan to get involved in any political stuff on this blog, but I felt I should share this bit from yesterdays USA Today that I enjoyed. Been listening to people complain nonstop about our ‘high’ gas prices, nigga please. I’m glad there are people are out there getting views like this in the paper.

USA Today opinion tidbit here

World gas prices from last month:
City – Reg. price in USD/gal.
Oslo 9.85
Paris 9.43
Copenhagen 9.24
Rome 9.03
London 8.96
Berlin 8.68
Hong Kong 8.05
Seoul 7.33
Sao Paulo 6.38
Tokyo 6.30
Singapore 6.13
Nairobi 5.94
Sydney 5.57
Montreal 5.57
Vancouver 5.50
Santiago 5.18
Toronto 4.98
Mumbai 4.94
Bangkok 4.78
Los Angeles 4.57
Johannesburg 4.41
Moscow 3.90
Topeka, KS 3.87
Havana 3.75
Buenos Aires 3.56
Beijing 3.40
Mexico City 2.62
Dubai City 1.70
Cairo 1.24
Kuwait City 0.92
Riyadh 0.47
Tehran 0.41
Caracas 0.12

Also heres a nice graph on subsidies and prices from 2007 in litres
(Every country except 3 in the world uses that unit of measurement. Us, Liberia, and Myanmar.)

We are sad and happy to announce we are going to end Narita records as well. We had a falling out with Baked Goods in the UK (they didn’t pay us), so we took on finishing up the final cd that I had promised to Anders, earlier this year. But I figure since we’re gonna end it, we’ll tidy it up nicely with a final compilation with some tracks we’ve released that have been vinyl only over the years, as well as a few new jams that have popped up. It should be appearing in early September on our mailorder and throughout stores in Japan. Heres the press sheet for it:

“Terminal” is the fourth and final full CD release on Narita, hot on the heels of their spring cd full length release “Melt”, by Anders Ilar & Fredrik Hedvall. The cd features music by Adam Johnson, Arctic Hospital, Anders Ilar, Brothomstates vs. Blamstrain, Yard, and Senor Frio. 6 out of the 10 tracks on this release were previously available only on vinyl. The other four are brand new and exclusive to the release, by Arctic Hospital, Anders Ilar, Adam Johnson & Brothomstates vs. Blamstrain. As usual, expect some thick dark techno from across Europe and the US. Including two of the tracks from the Brothomstrain vs. Blamstates 12” that was all over the airwaves of BBC Radio 1, constantly getting critical acclaim. As well as the original, previously unreleased, version of Riding Metal Mosquitoes by Adam Johnson, that Anders Ilar remixed and had appear on his Nightwidth full length and Downhill 12”.
This disc celebrates the last output from Narita, that began in 2004, teamed up with a UK distributor, but have now gone their separate ways, and as such the label feels it has runs its course and its time to move on to other things. So we present to you, one final gift for the fans.
People familiar with the Narita output will know to expect high quality, well crafted, and densely organized techno of the highest degree. As usual it has wickedly dark elements, but it is no stranger to the dance floor. A final nod to the scene, strictly limited to 1000 digipak copies, and not to be missed.

Also here are some interviews from some of the Narita mainstays that you may have missed.
Anders Ilar
Arctic Hospital from Multilink #6