Its only right that I end this slew of links to Miami Friend DJ’s sets with none other than DJ Aura. All of the previous guys have been very influential to me, theres nothing better to listen to than a good DJ mix, and I’ve discovered many tracks I love through other peoples mixes. I’ll just say off the bat that Dj Aura AKA Robert Freitag is the best IDM DJ in the world, and my favorite DJ I’ve ever had the privilege to see spin live. I unfortunately have very few mixes of his on tape, but I do have a very early one he did in 1996 promoting a show down here (see the flyer here), that I’d like to share with you all. Its a bit dated, and its taped off the radio, but you get the idea that 2 years later, from 1998-2000, I was lucky enough to be able to watch him spin once a week on 3 turntables and a $10,000 sound system. Needless to say he has probably had the most influence on me musically out of anybody involved in the scene here in Miami, though Romulo (Phoenicia, Schematic) did sell me my first Autechre cd, and Seven (Chocolate Industries) still owes me a copy of Lego Feet, Robert really put a ton of music into my ears that I would never have heard if I didn’t make the effort to go hear him play every week.

DJ Aura – 1996 WVUM Mix Part 1
DJ Aura – 1996 WVUM Mix Part 2

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