So I dug up 3 more DJ Aura mixes for you all, including the Warp Radio one. Its pretty solid… though a bit slow (see: downtempo) for the majority of the start of the mix.

DJ Aura – Warp Radio Mix
DJ Aura – Procmix 2001
DJ Aura – IDM Mix 2002

Also found a mix he did with 3 other local DJ’s (some awesome guys to see live): Polaris, Karakter, and Bobby D. Polaris goes first, Karakters set begins on: Jeswa – Skone, Bobby D’s set begins on: Autechre – Eutow, and Aura’s set begins on: Squarepusher – WAP155.

Dj Polaris, Karakter, Bobby D, Aura – Los Four Amigos Mix

Aura, Travis, Otto, Dino