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Sad to say the IDM scene has had another more permanent loss this month. Charlie Cooper, 1/2 of Telefon Tel Aviv was found dead yesterday… apparently of suicide. News story here.

Rest In Peace…. you will be missed.

TDR, the wonderful people who graced us with so many completely ridiculously great album covers (mostly through Warp), has officially closed their doors. Apparently they got a bit too big and corporate. Here is an interview with the bloke who runs it explaining more. You guys will be missed, but of course you’ll live on in all our record collections.

PS. If anyone has an original TDR book (the spiral bound one I think) they want to get rid of, I’ve always been looking to get one.

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Lone – Lemurian (Dealmaker Records 2008) – Boards of Canada meets Jdilla. Get it.

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Lukid – Onandon (Werk Discs 2007) – Apparently he just released a new album in the first few days of the year, haven’t had a chance to check it yet. Nonetheless this sounds like if 40 Winks and Tim Koch made a collabo album.

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Mr. Cooper – Amongst Strangers (Wimm 2005) – Released by my friend Yuji’s brief label stint with Wimm, he has had much better luck running the best record store in all of Asia (seriously), . Great downtempo somewhere in the middle between Malcom Kipe and Rjd2. Not as dynamic as Kipe, and much more consistent than Rj. Great album that most everyone missed, later re-released through (one of the best record stores in Europe).

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Bonobo – Dial “M” for Monkey (Ninja Tune 2003) – The first three guys only have 1-2 albums out so far. Bonobo has a bunch of albums out, but this is the highest quality one all around for sure. Really fantastic production, and probably the least electronic out of this list of albums.

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Wagon Christ – Tally Ho! (Astralwerks 1998) – Now this ones a bit old and more popular, and its definitely on the IDM end of the downtempo spectrum, and a couple tracks on this one are very forgettable. BUT this is probably the best album he ever did (or at least its right there with Drum N’ Bass for Papa).

Happy new year to everyone. We got a new look on the page… just wanted to change it up for the new year, it needs some tweaking though, but I got a new captcha going to save you guys trouble as well.

So… to start off the year I wanted to let you in that Proswell will be releasing a remix album on his Inpuj net label in the next few months. WIth all the usual players (ilkae, arctic hospital, khonnor, sabi,…) and then some new names as well. He also just released a Christmas album of sorts on there, and if you haven’t been on his site in a while he released a massive album earlier last year called Cyclothymia. They all can be had over on the main page at