Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve had a busy last few months. I hope to be doing 1 post a week for the spring, and hopefully endeavoring into more personal territory as well. So here goes….

I think everyone (including me) nowadays kind of always assumes that things that are put on the net, will always be around. There are 2 such things that I have always regretted not ‘grabbing’ for myself off the net. As they have since disappeared from the time I first discovered them.

First off was the original website and designs of Vir2l. Some of you may remember them as THE ILLEST web design company in the late 1990’s. They did some simply AMAZING graphics. Very inspirational to visual styles I would later strive for on Merck releases. The company of course split up over differences amongst the various cocky designers (is what I’ve been told), and now the name seems to be somehow involved in cell phone games. Nonetheless, its nearly impossible to find ANY pics of any of the amazing stuff they did back in the day (even on pages and pages of google image searches).

The second thing is this website i found many years back that was someones detailed personal exploits, stories, and adventures in the world of Ultima Online. For the most part they were all griefing stories, and boy were they awesomely hilarious. He had dozens and dozens of well written out tales of various exploits he’d been involved in of torturing, stealing, and causing general strife in the world of Ultima Online (the first major MMORPG, and wild west of sorts as far as those kind of games go), most of them with great screenshots to illustrate. I can’t express how entertaining it was to read these things (and I never even got to play Ultima Online directly either!). Once again the sites content has seemingly disappeared from the internet (I don’t even know what the URL was). I spent 4 hours one day scouring Google, but was left with nothing.

The lesson, if you find a site with content you really love. Your best friend may be a wget or a lot of right click and saving.