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So back in 1995 I started hearing what I would later find out was ‘atmospheric drum & bass’, on the one decent radio show we had down here (Underground Show, Friday nights on WVUM). At the time I couldn’t tell the difference between Carl Cox and Photek, but within a few weeks I started to catch on and it culminated with the purchase of Logical Progression, and soon after any other LTJ associated stuff I could find. Eventually I started to delve more into the harder and darker side of atmospheric stuff with Photek and the like. Then on a roadtrip in 1998 I was fortunate enough to stumble upon No U-Turn’s Torque (2xcd). Now quite frankly I don’t want to compare the two head to head, but Torque and Logical Progression are easily the most influential DnB cds ever. Torque blew me the fuck away, it was drum n bass meets my metal tendencies of pre-electronica days. The 2nd CD Ed Rush mix is easily one of the greatest DnB mixes ever. This cd showed me a whole different side of DnB that wasn’t jazzy, cheesy, or loungey. Instead it was forbodaing, in your face, dark, and grimey. From then on I gravitated more and more towards the dark and heavy stuff. Eventually moving into the heaviest shit at the time, stuff like Panacea, Twisted Anger, and my favorite DnB artist of all time Dom & Roland. I shunned most of the new jump-up and more pop sounding DnB crap that was coming out, even going so far as being quoted in a 200something issue of Xlr8r as saying “Dom & Roland is the only one doing anything interesting in DnB anymore.” or something like that.

Flash forward a few years, spring 2007, my good friend Rob/Multilink sends me a link to a mix by Marcus Intalex (runs the label Soul:r) from his Red Bull Music Academy radio show called Soulution radio. I loved it. It captured that early atmospheric sound, contemporized it, and even included nods and elements from the darker and harder stuff that I couldn’t get away from. Since then I’ve tracked down all the radio shows, and for the most part they are my favorite thing I’ve heard in the genre in years. Not all of them are slam dunks, but the quality control is top notch, not overtly promotional. He just plays shit he likes, if its on his label, so be it, if not then he mans up to say he wishes it was (reminds me of myself). He does a get bit chatty on the mic sometimes, but its generally more quaint than annoying. So, you can either check out the stream versions of the mixes over at, but their site is kinda trapped in 2003, so I recommend you grab the pirated mp3 grabs of them over at Either way if you’re into contemporary DnB at all, and had any appreciation for the early 90’s stuff, you should definitely check these things out. Some highlights include: Dec. 05 & June/July 06 versions (pre-RBMA status), Vol. 3 (Clarendon into Rufige Kru, so perfect), the guest mix from Seba in Volume 4 (amazingly dark and awesome for someone I previously thought was weak), Volume 6 (first one I heard), Volume 9 (good variety of stuff), Volume 11 (lots of good new stuff). p.s. haven’t felt the last two shows that much, but deff grab Vol. 11.

Enjoy Massif!

Was meaning to post this earlier in 2009, but been busy with some stuff. So, since the year is closed out, and I’ve finally had a year’s worth of time to give new music a good listen its time to make a best of 2008 (and some earlier stuff that I didn’t hear until this year because I was busy previously) list. A bit all over the place, but a good taste of the random amount of stuff I end up listening to. All tracks are 2008 unless noted, in no particular order.

Machine Drum – Balshazzar (Johnny Cash Remix) – So insanely dope.
Mathew Jonson – Symphony For The Apocalypse (Wagon Repair)- Some great dark rolling techno, with hints of Blade Runner, and the classic Jonson style.
Little Dragon – Twice (Peacefrog 2007) – Beautiful track.
Machine Drum – Jelly Jelly (Normrex) – This should have come out in 2008, it still rocked my world last year either way…
Tycho – Adrift or The Daydream (Ghostly MP3) – I’m not sure which one of these I like better, but they’re both great. We debated about putting those on his Merck release, but they weren’t finished yet at the time. So he saved em for future stuff, and we focused on the previously released stuff.
Sascha Funke – Mango (Bpitch control 2007) – So good. Wish I had released more stuff like this on Narita.
Minilogue – The Leopard (Extrawelt Remix) (Traum 2007) – More great techno that would have found a home on Narita.
Steve Roach – A Deeper Silence (Timeroom Editions) – 73 minute ambient track. So good.
Krill.Minima – Kronen Dab (Native State 2007) – Highlight of the excellent Bioluminescence comp., and one of my favorite tracks by him.
Martyn – All I Have Is Memories (Apple Pips) – Fringey dubstep stuff.
Appleblim – Vansan (Skull Disco 2007) – Dubstep meets Dubtechno meets IDM.
D-bridge – Creatures of Habit (Exit)- Nice DnB highlight of the year, 90’s atmospheric sound brought into the now.
Klute – Property is Theft (Commercial Suicide 2007) – Always mixed on his stuff, but this one is superb.
Anders Ilar – Hillside (Level) – One of the many highlights from his 2008 album Sworn. The subtle melody that comes in halfway through the track is so butter.
Soulmatic – Self Belief (Good Looking 2009) – This one just came out in Jan. of this year, but it started appearing in mixes last year, so I’m going with that. Lovely DnB.
And an honorable mention to Lone’s album “Lemurian” (on Dealmaker), very solid overall with alot of standout tracks, couldn’t figure just one for the list. J-dilla meets Boards of Canada.

And a special mention of my favorite blog of last year: Industrial Decay – Great photography (mostly from europe) of abandoned buildings.

Lot of good stuff I missed on that list probably, but I wanted to get this out there before we’re too far into 2009.

So the mess that was Normrex has finally been resolved and put on the right track. So I’m proud to say Travis’s first album in years, “Want to 1 2”, will finally be coming out on April 12th. In the meantime hes released a single promoting the album, and also appears numerous times on production on the new Theophilus London album “This Charming Man” (Also has production by Jimmy Edgar on it too).

Here is a little promo video spot.

You can hear/buy the single on Itunes here.

You can hear/buy the T. London album on Itunes here.

And I have a tasty little treat for you courtesy of Travis and I (for those of you who haven’t pirated the advance version), here is my favorite track (and the closing track) on the Want to 1 2 album. Enjoy!


(Oh, this isn’t an april fools joke either, seriously, click the links)