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I’m going to present a modified version of the Grab Bag that hopefully will be more hospitable to the variety of listeners we have on this blog.

There is now a reduced version of 5 cds and 5 vinyl releases for $55, but you get to pick the releases you want from the list below. The original $99 for 11 cds and 8 vinyls still stands, and I’ll allow people to choose from this list as well for that. (Or you can just choose a random sampling from this list with a few items exempted or guaranteed.)

md – between gaps (merck 008) cd
kristuit salu vs.morris nightingale – my mines i (merck 009) cd
various – half the battle (merck 011) cd
lackluster – showcase (merck 015) cd
various – miasmah (merck 018) cd
tiki obmar – seasons (merck 029) cd
lateduster – easy pieces (merck 030) cd
machine drum – bidnezz (merck 031) cd
ilkae – bovine rearrangement (merck 032) cd
blamstrain remixed – compilation (merck 035) cd
various – aurora 2 (merck 036) cd
malcom kipe – lit (merck 037) cd
tstewart – living exponentially (merck 038) cd
various – squadron 2 (merck 041) cd
proem – you shall have ever been (merck 042) 2xcd
40winks – sound puzzle (merck 046) cd
various – terminal (nrtcd4) cd
various – merck mix 3 (mix3) cd

machine drum – urban biology (merck ub) 2×12″ Promo
various artists – dosage 2 (merck do2) 12″
deru – trying to remember sampler (merck du) 12″
ilkae – bring extra dragons (merck dr) 12″
malcom kipe – lit (merck lt) 2×12″
malcom kipe – breakspiracy theories vol. 2 (merck bt2) 12″
mr. projectile – sinking sampler (merck sg) 12″
kristuit salu – my mines i sampler (merck ks) 12″
lackluster – r u oho? (merck ru) 12″
lackluster – showcase sampler (merck sc) 12″
quench – punctuated sampler (merck ps) 12″
various – blamstrain remixed (merck re1) 12″
landau – thepicompromise sampler (merck tc) 12″
frank and bill – ma0x (merck fb) 7″
sense – 2 day dub (merck ar) 7″
the world on higher downs (plerck 00) 7″

Once again it includes shipping to your (domestic) doorstep and I’ll gladly extend this offer for International Fans too, though you will need to cover shipping costs to get these things across the ocean.

If you’d like to take me up on this offer, all you have to do is send an email to m3rck at m3rck dot net. Please include your mailing address in the initial mail.


Just had to share vocally that this is my favorite art/music magazine, by far. It makes Beautiful Decay look like a community college zine. Usually in any magazine or art show that I see around, there is like 1-2 artists work that I enjoy, and the rest are kinda interchangeable. BUT each Multilink issue is constantly good art/music. I always finish reading it and have about a dozen names I need to check out more. Admittedly I’m a bit biased towards them due to some connections, but seriously, I can’t get over the quality of the artists/photographers/illustrators/designers that they feature in there (that’s why I’m involved!). Usually people I’ve never heard of, and always amazing work.

Their site/blog has just been reinvigorated, and they got a webstore and book in the works too. As a side note for the Merck fans reading this, they did the most involved and detailed article on Merck ever. You can find it in issue #6. Also they have this badass flash based online pdf viewer for those of you who don’t want to leave your browser.

I highly recommend you check out the magazine if you have eyes, here.

I still have a bit of Merck stock around here, and I still have appreciation for our loyal fan base who stuck with us over the years (and have continued to read the blog). So I have a deal to offer to spread the love around and benefit us all.

The Merck 19 for 99 Grab Bag. 11 cds and 8 vinyl releases from the Merck catalog, shipped to your (domestic) doorstep for the low price of $99.00. 11 cds alone would cost you $140+ on our mail-order. If for some reason you don’t have love for the round flat black things with the grooves in em, we can pull your 8 vinyl releases and replace them with 5 additional cds, bringing it to 16 discs for $99! (That’s only $6 a disc!) I’ll gladly extend this offer for International Fans too, though you will need to cover shipping costs to get these things across the ocean.

The releases will be a random selection of discs, our choice, and no duplicates. But don’t expect a bunch of old deadstock from 2002, we want you to get a good sampling of the label, so expect more new releases, with a few oldie but goodies for nostalgia’s sake. Expect an even distribution of albums/comps & styles (from Aurora 2 to Machinedrum to Proem), at least one 2xLP and don’t be surprised if I put more releases than I’ve promised or some rare bonus schwag. :)

If you’d like to take me up on this offer, all you have to do is send $99.00 to m3rck at m3rck dot net on paypal, or send an email to that address to arrange any other details. For international buyers please drop a mail to arrange extra shipping costs.

This offer will continue off into the future, so feel free to hit me up anytime if you want to take part.

Thanks for considering! Hope to hear from ya. Peace.


Tim Koch is now on Ghostly as ’10:32′. Info here.

Machinedrum just put up a new podcast here of a lot of unreleased material, and hes supposedly working on a live megamix of his merck albums.

I’m working on an interview for this site Headphone Commute.

I’m also working on 2 new ambient mixes (they’re more like selections than mixes really). Hoping to get those done by the end of the month to share here.

Fans of Ilkae & Proswell will probably dig this new mp3 release from Carl Brown that came out last month on the Arcoplane label. I had the track Day After Day for the last year, been playing it a lot (sounds like a proper Ilkae/Proswell collabo).

Stay outta the sun!