Been forever, but I’m preparing a move out of Miami finally. So things beyond running my mouth on the internet have consumed my time. Nonetheless, I’m in need of money for the move and I have a few copies left of the first few Merck releases that are now out of print (not available from our Mailorder or distros) that I wanted to offer up for the blog followers. Only $15.00 each plus shipping (see below). Preferred method of payment will be Paypal. Offer valid while supplies last.

Discs available are:
Syndrone – Triskaideka (Merck 001)
Md – Appelsap (Merck 003)
Various – Aurora (Merck 004)
Machine Drum – Now You Know (Merck 005)
Proem – Negativ (Merck 006)
Various – Dosage (Merck 020)

U.S. – $2.00 for the first cd, $1.00 for each additional.
International – $5.00 for the first cd, $3.00 for each additional.

hit me up at merck at merckrecords dot com to arrange things

PS. I have a couple copies left of Squadron (1), Serial Human, and Unomia (some of these are sans shrinkwrap) that I’d be willing to part with for $30 each.