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Ronald Jenkees

Jimmy Edgar’s long lost autistic cousin:

Clip of an Autechre live track from Barcelona in 1996 at the beginning of this documentary portion. (Sick track!… wish it was released)

Clip Here (watch it HQ if you can)

Check the whole rest of the film for a decent Techno documentary… though it doesn’t come close to High Tech Soul (which you can see here).

ps. I wish there were more recordings of Ae live stuff from the 90’s.

Can someone explain the math behind this?

2000 edition CD, of which there are about 100 left
less than 500 digital album sales… (though it is #2 best selling digital album for Merck)
50,000+ unique listeners??


Some more Syndrone fun facts: The opening track on Salmataxia, Cachexia, was originally twice as long. The story behind the track is that Travis actually wrote it shortly after waking up from losing consciousness from inhaling excessive paint fumes while helping someone paint the inside of their place. I always feel listening to the track, that it sounds so much like the dark, paranoid, frightening world of losing consciousness uncontrollably. He captured it so well.

So he originally wrote this 9 minute version, and was insistent that we use that one on the final cut of the album. As much as I love that track, I thought it would be a complete mind-fuck to open the album with 9 minutes of one of the most intense tracks he has ever made. Eventually he relented (and later thanked me for insisting on it), and we ended up with the 4:35 version on the final album. But for your listening enjoyment, I am providing here the original 9 minute version.

Syndrone – Cachexia (Long Version).mp3

Actually listening back on it now, I quite enjoy the 2 minute slow building opening… and the last 30 second outro.

So in 2002 Travis had completed a slew of new Syndrone tracks, Now You Know had been doing quite well, and the Half the Battle 12″ soon after was doing even better. Travis was really cranking out the music at that point in time, which included the majority of a new Syndrone album. He sent me a demo CD of the new tracks in the summer of 2002, around the same time as we were starting to finalize work on the Half the Battle and Urban Biology CD’s (they were released at the same time in September 2002). Though the material was strong in some places, through a combination of distractions with the Machine Drum stuff, and some doubts about the quality of some of the material by both of us, the whole album kinda got put on the back burner. It was about 13 tracks total, quite varied in development level, and a lot of it really felt like a drastic revisioning of Cichlisuite and Chiastic Slide, so it kinda just faded and never ended up coming out. Some of the tracks from it were eventually reworked later and made it onto Salmataxia, those being Cinco, Pan_Ic, and Sloky. Listening back on it now, most of the rest of it sounds rather underdeveloped and probably for the best it never saw the light of day, but there is one track I liked to use for DJing live that I’ve always enjoyed, that I’ll provide for download here. I don’t know if this track ever had a name, but I’m going to call it Shredd3r, in honor of a friend.

Syndrone – Shredd3r.mp3