Travis recently pointed out to me how much he loved these 2 mixes I did back in 2000 of some of my hiphop vinyl at the time. He featured them on the Percussionlab site recently, and I’m gonna go ahead and throw them up here. Mixing of course isn’t anything of note, but this was themed around a lot of good hiphop from the recent years at that time that I enjoyed, while watching all the good hiphop go commercial, and overall hiphop really go downhill. Thus the title ‘Real’. If you are a fan of Now You Know.. listen carefully… you may just notice some similarities.

Part 1 Download
Part 2 Download

And for once I actually did a tracklist:

Part 1
K-otix – Questions
Vakill – Tis Tha Seizin
Jigmastas – Original
Breez Evahflowin’ – On The Mic
Jigmastas – Last Will & Testimony
Shadow Huntaz – DJ Screams Medic
Rubberoom – Sector Rush Remix (Rebuilt)
Company Flow – Population Control
Mr. Lif – Triangular Warfare
Thawfor – ? (12″ from 1999)
Hurricane G. & Rishi – No More Prisons
Equilibrium – Windows 98
Scienz of Life – Powers Of Nine Ether

Part 2
Lootpack – Likwit Fusion
Scienz of Life – The Anthem
Originoo Gunn Clappaz – Suspect
No I.D. – Jump On It
? – ?
Raw – Comment #3 (Family Of The Continents)
Mr. Lif feat. Akrobatik – Inhuman Capabilities
? – ?
Thawfor – Touch Down
Raw – Distant Traveller
? – ?
Dan The Automator – My Guru