I’ve been meaning to write this review for 2 years, but every time I listen to this album I find more depth that I feel I need to explore before writing it, I’m finally giving up and just going off about it. This album is just awesome. Instrumental metal (or heavy post rock if you will), written superbly. As far as ‘guitar music’ that I’ve been enraptured by in the last 5 years, it comes close, if not beats out, Pivot’s Make Me Love You. (Side note: Warp please don’t sign Pelican and drive them into mediocrity).

This album has it all, elements of Tool, Isis, Slayer, Oxes, and even some lighter Indie rock nods (and no vocals, thank god). The variety of styles doesnt come off as pandering though, it comes off as that they know thoroughly, a variety of styles of music, and understand how to combine them effectively. By that I mean when things need to get hard, they do, math rock nods, they do, when they start off soft and move you in the proper emotional direction, they do. Its quite amazingly done really, especially compared to the normal rhythm + chorus, rinse repeat, of todays modern rock. There are enough excellent riffs on this album to write 10 good pop albums, which brings up the other related point that this album may be a bit more poppy for Pelican as opposed to their earlier stuff. Really, who cares. Honestly, whilst listening to it now I’m out of words to talk about it anymore, I’m just gonna go sit on the couch and soak it up. Summary: if you like music with guitars, and aren’t on some soft skinny jeans shit, check this album out.

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