Just wanted to pass along a download link, 2 rare tracks, and some info about one of the more mysterious, but one of my personal favorite artists, I ever released. Aphilas.

2 guys from Helsinki, Petri & Niko, that were originally found by Vae (whom you may remember from his track on the Dosage comp with the haunting japanese vocal), who in turn told Erik from Miasmah about it, and he told me. He had gotten them interested in the idea of releasing something through his web label Miasmah, and then hit me up to let me hear the material cause he knew I would dig it. I heard the 6 tracks he wanted to release, loved em, and hit them up to do a 12″ with that material (featuring Erik’s artwork). The rest is some of my fav music I ever released. The record is honestly one of the favorite things I ever released, and its one of my favorite downtempo records I’ve ever heard.

We did begin working on an album to follow it up. They had completed an album previous to the 12″ material, that they sent me, it was strong, but not polished or finished in any way that it was ready for release (even though I was so in love with their stuff by that time, I was pushing to release the unpolished stuff). So they said they’d work on some newer material and maybe rework some older stuff as well. So I sat back (it wasn’t my style to harass artists to finish creative material to meet any kind of commercially motivated schedule) and hit them up every few months to see if they had any new gems I could hear. Unfortunately it never came together, and the album eventually faded away.

I will say now, that the material on the 12″ is the best thing they ever did, so don’t feel you’re missing out on anything by not hearing that prelim album. After the release of the 12″, even though it did well, and they were psyched about it, I think they started to go separate ways. And we had some kind of weird miscommunication falling out as well, that I’m a bit hazy on, but they basically just stopped responding to my emails (I guess they were embarrassed to repeatedly report no new progress). I’m guessing it was mostly because they were going their separate ways, Finns are generally a moody bunch.

A few years later (2006) an ‘album’ did pop up on the internet by them, entitled Prisoners of the Planet. Some of it honestly doesn’t even sound like them (which makes me think some may have been solo efforts), but I can confirm that at least some of it is made by them (as I had some of the tracks from years before). Ultimately I don’t think the album has the flow and polish of the Instrumentally Ill tracks. It may have made another solid 12″ though. If you can track it down, the track “Fires” is amazing, but its some of the worst mixing and mastering I’ve ever heard! As far as more recently, Niko now releases as Kaino, he had a 12″ come out in 2008. No idea what Petri is up to…

Heres a link to download the entire 12″ EP we released on Merck, through the Miasmah web label. They unfortunately took their original site down, but you can still find all the music on Archive.org.

Heres the direct link to download the release.

Also here are 2 bonus tracks that are unreleased, and admittedly unpolished and unmastered. Things they sent me around the same time as the release of the 12″. One is an alternate version of the closing track from the 12″, the other was unfinished new material.

Aphilas – The Dubbed Coil Of Smoke (Spend your life doing crap you wanna do Version)

Aphilas – Breakfast Table

You can also pick up one of the last few copies of the original 12″ through my discogs account here.