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Lovely video done of some graphics, over Brothomstates remix of Machinedrum. (HD and full screen highly recommended)

Check it out here.

Just wanted to pass along this link to a mix by my friend Adrian Michna, that he did with Dust La Rock, of a bunch of classic stuff from The Orb. Been enjoying it recently, its pretty diverse though..

Download it here.

Also check out this video bio on him by Ghostly. Rocking his Merck shirt…

A random smattering of 15 songs i’ve been listening to and enjoying a lot recently.

*Body Language – You Can : The triumphant return of Landau, excellent poppy electronic stuff, they’re gonna be big.
*Robert Glasper – Maiden Voyage / Everything In Its Right Place : Contemporary jazz meets hiphop production mindset.
*Pete Namlook & Dr. Atmo (Silence) – Trip : Classic fax ambience from Kuhlmann, that I was reminded about after rewatching that 3lux3 video mentioned in a previous post.
*Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt : Lovely minimal tech-house, feels like I’m lightheartedly cruising down the burnt out streets of Detroit.
*Lusine – Bent : Nice dark techno from Jeff, reminds me of some of my Narita stuff.
*Decal – Moylough (ยต-Ziq Remix) : Mike really came through on this remix, so damn lovely.
*Triple Six Mafia – Niggaz Ain’t Barin’ Dat : Amazingly deep IDMish production from this southern rap group, produced in the early 90s no less.
*Machinedrum – Roni Size – New Forms (Juke Edit) : Lovely contemporizing of a DnB classic.
*L.V. – CCTV : Excellent dub meets dubstep sounds from London.
*TRG – Decisions : More excellent dubstep, this time minimal and deep.
*Tinkertoy – I Understand Why You Want To Move To Montreal : Minimal ‘slit your wrists’ Techno, melancholy as hell, but quite beautiful.
*Seba – Vanity : I used to hate Seba, but now I’m in digging almost everything hes done for the last decade. He has got an excellent way of bringing some balls into atmospheric DnB.
*Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir – Detroit State Of Mind (Space Dimensional Controller Remix) : Once again riding down the artistically lush, but civilzationally desolate, Detroit streets.
*Digital – B.U.R.N.Y. : Abyssally deep & riffing DnB, as done only by Digital.
*Ametsub – Lichen With Piano : Delicious fresh downtempo, with piano, track. Can’t get enough of it.

Was going through my VHS collection today, debating about ripping some, then selling them off. Luckily found rips of all of them through various avenues on the internet. Figured i’d share my search work here below. So you know though, you can also find all of these cut into sections and available on Youtube as well, for those of you that don’t want to waste hard drive space. Also keep in mind on the Megaupload stuff, that without an account you can only have 1 active download at a time. So just open up all of the parts (to kill the countdowns), then download them one after another when each one completes.

Warp AI Motion video – Old school visuals with a soundtrack from the original IDM trailblazers
(use the megaupload links on that one)

3 Lux 3 video by K7 – Old school visuals with nice ambient soundtrack (Incl. Afx, Orb, Biosphere,..)

And last but not least, the Metalheadz Documentary
Download: Metalheadz the documentary part1
Metalheadz the documentary part2
Metalheadz the documentary part3

Also, if you’re in the DnB mood, heres a documentary on Good Looking Records (Bukem, etc.)