A random smattering of 15 songs i’ve been listening to and enjoying a lot recently.

*Body Language – You Can : The triumphant return of Landau, excellent poppy electronic stuff, they’re gonna be big.
*Robert Glasper – Maiden Voyage / Everything In Its Right Place : Contemporary jazz meets hiphop production mindset.
*Pete Namlook & Dr. Atmo (Silence) – Trip : Classic fax ambience from Kuhlmann, that I was reminded about after rewatching that 3lux3 video mentioned in a previous post.
*Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt : Lovely minimal tech-house, feels like I’m lightheartedly cruising down the burnt out streets of Detroit.
*Lusine – Bent : Nice dark techno from Jeff, reminds me of some of my Narita stuff.
*Decal – Moylough (ยต-Ziq Remix) : Mike really came through on this remix, so damn lovely.
*Triple Six Mafia – Niggaz Ain’t Barin’ Dat : Amazingly deep IDMish production from this southern rap group, produced in the early 90s no less.
*Machinedrum – Roni Size – New Forms (Juke Edit) : Lovely contemporizing of a DnB classic.
*L.V. – CCTV : Excellent dub meets dubstep sounds from London.
*TRG – Decisions : More excellent dubstep, this time minimal and deep.
*Tinkertoy – I Understand Why You Want To Move To Montreal : Minimal ‘slit your wrists’ Techno, melancholy as hell, but quite beautiful.
*Seba – Vanity : I used to hate Seba, but now I’m in digging almost everything hes done for the last decade. He has got an excellent way of bringing some balls into atmospheric DnB.
*Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir – Detroit State Of Mind (Space Dimensional Controller Remix) : Once again riding down the artistically lush, but civilzationally desolate, Detroit streets.
*Digital – B.U.R.N.Y. : Abyssally deep & riffing DnB, as done only by Digital.
*Ametsub – Lichen With Piano : Delicious fresh downtempo, with piano, track. Can’t get enough of it.

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