I think this is the only vinyl track we released, that was titled the same as the CD version of the track, but the audio was actually different. I believe it came about because in the time between the release of the Squadron CD, and the first vinyl, Lassi had remixed the track, and it had blown us all the hell away. So it was a no-brainer to follow in the lead of the late 90’s IDM labels and put a little secret gem on the vinyl for the fans.

So proud this track was on the first vinyl we released, still blows me away to this day. Put the lights low and the volume high, and lay back and close your eyes. Mmmmmmm.

Here is the digital version for all of you without record players to enjoy. If you do have a record player though, pick up a copy, cause I still got a box of em in my garage.

Brothomstates – 24101999 (Vinyl Version)