While I’m in the Ghostly promoting mood, my early Merck discovery Tycho, is doing his first tour of Europe. As we have a lot of EU readers on here, I figured I’d pass on the info below. He also still has a lot of US dates left on his current tour, so if you’re stateside, check the link below.

Here are the EU dates:
Feb 16th Amsterdam, Holland @ Paradiso
Feb 17th Luxembourg, Luxembourg @ Exit07
Feb 18th Berlin, Germany @ Gretchen
Feb 19th Copenhagen, Denmark @ Loppen
Feb 22nd Milan, Italy @ Magnolia
Feb 24th Paris, France @ Batofar
Feb 25th London, UK @ Cargo
Feb 26th Antwerp, Belgium @ Trix

More info at his blog


Also, forgot to mention this the other day, but Sepalcure will be touring EU as well this February.
Sepalcure info here.

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