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A mid-winter link & recommendation for everyone of some mixes done by Voda aka Jody aka The Brighton/Hove Body Bagger. Friend of mine from the south of England, long time Merck fan, and all around good guy. These were 2 mixes he did in late 2010, with a near perfect track selection profile of stuff straddling the post-dubstep & post-idm genres (I prefer those genre tags over the generic “bass music”). Been playing them a lot throughout 2011, think you all will dig them if you enjoy the idea of the convergence of classic Autechre with the Exit Records sound. And here is to hoping he puts together a few mixes this year for us of some of the gems he collected throughout 2011 (nudge nudge).

Some links to download them and check the tracklists:

Voda – Kenilworth Session 1

Voda – Kenilworth Session 2

I got a nice birthday present this year. A new Aphilas album. It was not specifically released for my birthday, but it has certainly made the day sweeter, and I’m guessing its gonna brighten a few of your days after the discussion sparked by my post last summer.

A friend noticed a new LP pop up on Discogs from them, gave me a shout, and I tracked down a copy from the label, and started my birthday off the right way, with some new Aphilas.

Its a real smooth album! Seems to be made mostly by Petri from the duo, and there is a new member named Jedu. Apparently Niko is only involved with one of the tracks, but it also looks like he has his own Kaino full length coming out this year as well. I’m so glad that they finally got an album out to the light of day, though its a bit different vibe than the II 12″ we released. Its got a bit more straight forward feel, almost like you can add vocals to a lot of these tracks and it would work. My two fav tracks are Hopes of a Solar Angel and Swan Song, which were available previously as Huminakirjuri material, but maybe thats just because I’m used to them. Its available on vinyl LP and Digital.

Head on over to the label website for more details.

You can hear clips of it on Soundcloud here.