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Looking through Adam Johnson’s portfolio site, I was reminded of a commercial that he and Akira Takahashi (designed many awesome CDs for us) collaborated on for the Flip camera. Check below for some of his original music (diff versions in diff commercials). You should also check out his soundcloud account for a few unreleased gems (find ‘Sunden’ in particular, classy Adam J stylings).

Adam Johnson Soundcloud

Track ID

I have a Track ID mystery for you guys. Taken from a DJ thats playing during a BMX competition in Amsterdam in 2006. First off, its gotta be something kinda obscure, because neither Soundhound or Shazam know what it is. Also, Funckarma don’t know what it is, so it may not be an obscure Dutch artist either. Any help identifying this track would be much appreciated, as it sounds like something I’d like to hear in its entirety.

Here is the track.

Excellent shots of downtown Miami in time lapse by my friend Pete. With Somnitone from the Squadron 2 CD as soundtrack. Check it out in HD fullscreen!