As Blamstrain/Juho was nice enough to point out to the world on the Discogs page for the Squadron compilation CD, the mastering on the release wasn’t one of our best moments. I do agree that some of the tracks really didn’t shine as much after being tweaked (though there were a few that were definitely helped).

The cd was mastered by someone who wasn’t that experienced yet. Plus the CD was already at a disadvantage, because at that time (the beginnings of DSL), there wasn’t much bandwidth to go around, and the CD had artists from all over the world (most of which were just young guys making cool new sounds with software they had stolen off the internet, and really had no idea how audio was supposed to be mastered), so I accepted whatever format of master file artists wanted to send (CD, wav file, or MP3 of their choice). I think most of the submissions ended up being 256-320 MP3s.

That all said, since the disc has been out of print now for years, I’ve decided to go ahead and share the original Pre-master versions of the tracks here for the followers on this blog to check out, and at the very least just for you guys to reminisce on the compilation that started it all.

Download it here.

P.S. I guess I had forgotten, but I got a good laugh being reminded by the Discogs page, that every disc says “Gabe” in the matrix ring (center silver under the disc).

P.S.S. If you look in the bottom right corner of the cover, there is a distorted side view of a head with red hair looking to the left, thats me (browsing records at Steve Castro/Pl3x/Beta Bodega’s pop up record store in 1999).