Just wanted to send a little shout out, to what I consider a sister label to the early Merck material, Inpuj. Started by Proswell in 1998, and now managed by him and Aaron of Ilkae. They’ve done some really cool things over the course of the label, in what I would best simplify as, more experimental versions of the early Merck sound. Recently they’ve had some good releases, wanted to mention 2 off the bat below, plus theres a few good albums in the IDM vein from people like Ilkae (EIS001) and Kaneel (EIS004), so I encourage you to browse through their other releases if you are so inclined (they’re all basically free too!). They’ve also been collaborating on the artwork side with an awesome dude, Nate Reeves / NKurence, and hes done some really gorgeous stuff for them on the visual side as well (he blessed the final CD on Narita as well, Terminal).


Zan Zan Zawa Veia has an excellent chiptune release that you should definitely check out if thats your thing (I know chiptune stuff is very polarizing, most people either love or hate it), but its really well done. The fact its co-produced by Proswell, Ilkae, and Shawnphase/TSS should give you a clue.


Travis also has recently done a release for them, under his lesser known _-_m-e-ek alias. Its some nice, if slightly stunted, ambient work, reminiscent of Pop Ambient kind of stuff on Kompakt. Great stuff for a sunny summer afternoon out on the deck with a beer relaxing.


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