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Here is a nice photo tour I stumbled upon, of the record pressing plant where a majority of the Merck vinyls were made. I actually toured UR about a decade ago myself, not much has changed there. Neat to see how records are made, looks like ancient technology by nowadays standards though.

UR Pressing Photo Tour

Here are 15 tracks that got the most play in my iTunes throughout May. Variety of stuff, but just wanted to share if anyone is looking for new music leads.

  • Machinedrum – Clissold VIP [2013] : If you haven’t heard this, you need to. Travis’ latest and greatest. Future drum bass step somethingness.
  • Phaeleh – Outshine [2011] : For fans of Sepalcure, slept on compilation track.
  • Ital Tek – Solar Sail from Nebula Dance [2012] : Really good. Future bass music or whatever type stuff, I enjoy his albums on Mu.
  • Tim Tetlow – Mind Is Moving from Beauty Walks A Razor’s Edge [2001] : On the Planet-Mu tip, here is a throwback track. Taken from an excellent slept on IDM album.
  • Pilooski – Can’t There Be Love [2006] : Missed this one back in the day, awesome glitch-hop.
  • Simulant – Access Future Audio (Mix) from Out Of Ether [2000] : Classic rare dark melodic electro from back in the days when that was big, that I recently tracked down in MP3.
  • Tuxedomoon – What Use (Heinrich Mueller Technik Mix) [2001] : Same deal as above, Gerald Donald (Dopplereffekt) stuff is timeless.
  • TMSV – Myth from Transmissions Vol. 2 [2012] : Iraqstep. Digging this.
  • Blamstrain – 11 PM from Sunday Dub [2013] : Juho comes through with some deep dubby sludge techno. The whole EP is great rainy day music.
  • Seba – Nightrider from NU12 [2012] : I used to hate DnB with vocals back in the day, but now in my old age I find myself enjoying it. Seba always comes through.
  • Survival – Sky from [2009] : On the DnB tip, have to include this one. One of the biggest tracks I’ve heard in a while. Play this while going 80mph on the highway, swerving through traffic. Adrenaline.
  • Oliver Schories – Sunday from Herzensangelegenheit [2012] : Kind of embarrassed to put some tech-house on here, but this track is really well produced.
  • Konstantin Sibold – Madeleine [2013] : Some more house, nice and deep, well produced.
  • Freeform Five – Weltareh (feat. Juldeh Camara) [2013] : Found this in a friends mix, classy tech-disco that fits with my recent west african kick, been downloading a lot of music from Mali, kind of like true blues music from Africa. Nonetheless, heres Africa meets Italy.
  • Dynamix II – Purple Beats from Color Beats [1994] : Last but not least. Gonna let a little Miami secret out of the bag. This is some legendary shit. The original version of this track from 1990, basically invented the blueprint of Trap production two decades before it become popular. This 2nd version from Color Beats basically combines IDM and Trap, before both genres were really invented. If you like Autechre – Lowride, check out this track. Friends that used to host Autechre when they came to Miami in the 90’s, used to take them to flea markets to buy used vinyl and mixtapes to basically find stuff like this.