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Just wanted to pass along a download link, 2 rare tracks, and some info about one of the more mysterious, but one of my personal favorite artists, I ever released. Aphilas.

2 guys from Helsinki, Petri & Niko, that were originally found by Vae (whom you may remember from his track on the Dosage comp with the haunting japanese vocal), who in turn told Erik from Miasmah about it, and he told me. He had gotten them interested in the idea of releasing something through his web label Miasmah, and then hit me up to let me hear the material cause he knew I would dig it. I heard the 6 tracks he wanted to release, loved em, and hit them up to do a 12″ with that material (featuring Erik’s artwork). The rest is some of my fav music I ever released. The record is honestly one of the favorite things I ever released, and its one of my favorite downtempo records I’ve ever heard.

We did begin working on an album to follow it up. They had completed an album previous to the 12″ material, that they sent me, it was strong, but not polished or finished in any way that it was ready for release (even though I was so in love with their stuff by that time, I was pushing to release the unpolished stuff). So they said they’d work on some newer material and maybe rework some older stuff as well. So I sat back (it wasn’t my style to harass artists to finish creative material to meet any kind of commercially motivated schedule) and hit them up every few months to see if they had any new gems I could hear. Unfortunately it never came together, and the album eventually faded away.

I will say now, that the material on the 12″ is the best thing they ever did, so don’t feel you’re missing out on anything by not hearing that prelim album. After the release of the 12″, even though it did well, and they were psyched about it, I think they started to go separate ways. And we had some kind of weird miscommunication falling out as well, that I’m a bit hazy on, but they basically just stopped responding to my emails (I guess they were embarrassed to repeatedly report no new progress). I’m guessing it was mostly because they were going their separate ways, Finns are generally a moody bunch.

A few years later (2006) an ‘album’ did pop up on the internet by them, entitled Prisoners of the Planet. Some of it honestly doesn’t even sound like them (which makes me think some may have been solo efforts), but I can confirm that at least some of it is made by them (as I had some of the tracks from years before). Ultimately I don’t think the album has the flow and polish of the Instrumentally Ill tracks. It may have made another solid 12″ though. If you can track it down, the track “Fires” is amazing, but its some of the worst mixing and mastering I’ve ever heard! As far as more recently, Niko now releases as Kaino, he had a 12″ come out in 2008. No idea what Petri is up to…

Heres a link to download the entire 12″ EP we released on Merck, through the Miasmah web label. They unfortunately took their original site down, but you can still find all the music on

Heres the direct link to download the release.

Also here are 2 bonus tracks that are unreleased, and admittedly unpolished and unmastered. Things they sent me around the same time as the release of the 12″. One is an alternate version of the closing track from the 12″, the other was unfinished new material.

Aphilas – The Dubbed Coil Of Smoke (Spend your life doing crap you wanna do Version)

Aphilas – Breakfast Table

You can also pick up one of the last few copies of the original 12″ through my discogs account here.

I finally found the motivation to sit down and put together a mix of stuff i’ve enjoyed over the last year in a certain style. This is kind of an edgey IDM/Dubstep kinda vibe, not too bassy, very electronic and steppy.

Full Crate – Thursday
Sepalcure – Feeling That I Know So Well
Zorn – The City’s Collapsing (But Not Tonight)
DFRNT – Tripped
Martyn – Vancouver
Instra:mental – Forbidden
2562 – Dinosaur
Appleblim & Geiom – Shreds
Instra:mental – Tramma
Data – Doors Of Perception

Download it here.
Enjoy, and remember to support the artists involved!

Travis recently pointed out to me how much he loved these 2 mixes I did back in 2000 of some of my hiphop vinyl at the time. He featured them on the Percussionlab site recently, and I’m gonna go ahead and throw them up here. Mixing of course isn’t anything of note, but this was themed around a lot of good hiphop from the recent years at that time that I enjoyed, while watching all the good hiphop go commercial, and overall hiphop really go downhill. Thus the title ‘Real’. If you are a fan of Now You Know.. listen carefully… you may just notice some similarities.

Part 1 Download
Part 2 Download

And for once I actually did a tracklist:

Part 1
K-otix – Questions
Vakill – Tis Tha Seizin
Jigmastas – Original
Breez Evahflowin’ – On The Mic
Jigmastas – Last Will & Testimony
Shadow Huntaz – DJ Screams Medic
Rubberoom – Sector Rush Remix (Rebuilt)
Company Flow – Population Control
Mr. Lif – Triangular Warfare
Thawfor – ? (12″ from 1999)
Hurricane G. & Rishi – No More Prisons
Equilibrium – Windows 98
Scienz of Life – Powers Of Nine Ether

Part 2
Lootpack – Likwit Fusion
Scienz of Life – The Anthem
Originoo Gunn Clappaz – Suspect
No I.D. – Jump On It
? – ?
Raw – Comment #3 (Family Of The Continents)
Mr. Lif feat. Akrobatik – Inhuman Capabilities
? – ?
Thawfor – Touch Down
Raw – Distant Traveller
? – ?
Dan The Automator – My Guru

Some more Syndrone fun facts: The opening track on Salmataxia, Cachexia, was originally twice as long. The story behind the track is that Travis actually wrote it shortly after waking up from losing consciousness from inhaling excessive paint fumes while helping someone paint the inside of their place. I always feel listening to the track, that it sounds so much like the dark, paranoid, frightening world of losing consciousness uncontrollably. He captured it so well.

So he originally wrote this 9 minute version, and was insistent that we use that one on the final cut of the album. As much as I love that track, I thought it would be a complete mind-fuck to open the album with 9 minutes of one of the most intense tracks he has ever made. Eventually he relented (and later thanked me for insisting on it), and we ended up with the 4:35 version on the final album. But for your listening enjoyment, I am providing here the original 9 minute version.

Syndrone – Cachexia (Long Version).mp3

Actually listening back on it now, I quite enjoy the 2 minute slow building opening… and the last 30 second outro.

So in 2002 Travis had completed a slew of new Syndrone tracks, Now You Know had been doing quite well, and the Half the Battle 12″ soon after was doing even better. Travis was really cranking out the music at that point in time, which included the majority of a new Syndrone album. He sent me a demo CD of the new tracks in the summer of 2002, around the same time as we were starting to finalize work on the Half the Battle and Urban Biology CD’s (they were released at the same time in September 2002). Though the material was strong in some places, through a combination of distractions with the Machine Drum stuff, and some doubts about the quality of some of the material by both of us, the whole album kinda got put on the back burner. It was about 13 tracks total, quite varied in development level, and a lot of it really felt like a drastic revisioning of Cichlisuite and Chiastic Slide, so it kinda just faded and never ended up coming out. Some of the tracks from it were eventually reworked later and made it onto Salmataxia, those being Cinco, Pan_Ic, and Sloky. Listening back on it now, most of the rest of it sounds rather underdeveloped and probably for the best it never saw the light of day, but there is one track I liked to use for DJing live that I’ve always enjoyed, that I’ll provide for download here. I don’t know if this track ever had a name, but I’m going to call it Shredd3r, in honor of a friend.

Syndrone – Shredd3r.mp3

Got some good news to share with you all. Proem’s new ambient album will be hitting stores in 2 weeks, May 15th. In keeping with the times, hes been nice enough to put the entire thing on for you all to enjoy. Head on over to his blog to check out a link (amongst other good proeminess). Here. I haven’t even had time to check it out myself yet, but we all know how the Proem rolls… so Enjoy!.


PS. on an unrelated note, a brief explanation for the site slogan “The doorbell rings first at my house”. Its something that a good friend of mine wrote in a sketch book next to his graf piece in one of our many drunken late night black book and music listening sessions back in the 90′s. At the time we thought it was quite hilarious and genius, it of course doesn’t make much sense to anyone else. But that’s the way I like it… and I guess it somehow hints at the idea that I feel like I’m always into shit early. Either way, its an inside joke, but those are the best kind. :)

So back in 1995 I started hearing what I would later find out was ‘atmospheric drum & bass’, on the one decent radio show we had down here (Underground Show, Friday nights on WVUM). At the time I couldn’t tell the difference between Carl Cox and Photek, but within a few weeks I started to catch on and it culminated with the purchase of Logical Progression, and soon after any other LTJ associated stuff I could find. Eventually I started to delve more into the harder and darker side of atmospheric stuff with Photek and the like. Then on a roadtrip in 1998 I was fortunate enough to stumble upon No U-Turn’s Torque (2xcd). Now quite frankly I don’t want to compare the two head to head, but Torque and Logical Progression are easily the most influential DnB cds ever. Torque blew me the fuck away, it was drum n bass meets my metal tendencies of pre-electronica days. The 2nd CD Ed Rush mix is easily one of the greatest DnB mixes ever. This cd showed me a whole different side of DnB that wasn’t jazzy, cheesy, or loungey. Instead it was forbodaing, in your face, dark, and grimey. From then on I gravitated more and more towards the dark and heavy stuff. Eventually moving into the heaviest shit at the time, stuff like Panacea, Twisted Anger, and my favorite DnB artist of all time Dom & Roland. I shunned most of the new jump-up and more pop sounding DnB crap that was coming out, even going so far as being quoted in a 200something issue of Xlr8r as saying “Dom & Roland is the only one doing anything interesting in DnB anymore.” or something like that.

Flash forward a few years, spring 2007, my good friend Rob/Multilink sends me a link to a mix by Marcus Intalex (runs the label Soul:r) from his Red Bull Music Academy radio show called Soulution radio. I loved it. It captured that early atmospheric sound, contemporized it, and even included nods and elements from the darker and harder stuff that I couldn’t get away from. Since then I’ve tracked down all the radio shows, and for the most part they are my favorite thing I’ve heard in the genre in years. Not all of them are slam dunks, but the quality control is top notch, not overtly promotional. He just plays shit he likes, if its on his label, so be it, if not then he mans up to say he wishes it was (reminds me of myself). He does a get bit chatty on the mic sometimes, but its generally more quaint than annoying. So, you can either check out the stream versions of the mixes over at, but their site is kinda trapped in 2003, so I recommend you grab the pirated mp3 grabs of them over at Either way if you’re into contemporary DnB at all, and had any appreciation for the early 90′s stuff, you should definitely check these things out. Some highlights include: Dec. 05 & June/July 06 versions (pre-RBMA status), Vol. 3 (Clarendon into Rufige Kru, so perfect), the guest mix from Seba in Volume 4 (amazingly dark and awesome for someone I previously thought was weak), Volume 6 (first one I heard), Volume 9 (good variety of stuff), Volume 11 (lots of good new stuff). p.s. haven’t felt the last two shows that much, but deff grab Vol. 11.

Enjoy Massif!

So the mess that was Normrex has finally been resolved and put on the right track. So I’m proud to say Travis’s first album in years, “Want to 1 2″, will finally be coming out on April 12th. In the meantime hes released a single promoting the album, and also appears numerous times on production on the new Theophilus London album “This Charming Man” (Also has production by Jimmy Edgar on it too).

Here is a little promo video spot.

You can hear/buy the single on Itunes here.

You can hear/buy the T. London album on Itunes here.

And I have a tasty little treat for you courtesy of Travis and I (for those of you who haven’t pirated the advance version), here is my favorite track (and the closing track) on the Want to 1 2 album. Enjoy!


(Oh, this isn’t an april fools joke either, seriously, click the links)

Happy new year to everyone. We got a new look on the page… just wanted to change it up for the new year, it needs some tweaking though, but I got a new captcha going to save you guys trouble as well.

So… to start off the year I wanted to let you in that Proswell will be releasing a remix album on his Inpuj net label in the next few months. WIth all the usual players (ilkae, arctic hospital, khonnor, sabi,…) and then some new names as well. He also just released a Christmas album of sorts on there, and if you haven’t been on his site in a while he released a massive album earlier last year called Cyclothymia. They all can be had over on the main page at



Here are 2 Machinedrum remixes you may have missed from this summer, courtesy of the Palm Out Sounds blog. The Johnny Cash track is one of my favorite tracks of the year, classic Travis.

Johnny Cash – “Belshazzar” (Machine Drum Remix)

Praveen & Benoit – “Embers” (Machinedrum Version)